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Marketing In HD

Leverage Your HD Magic In Your Money Making Marketing.

Marketing In HD Course


Human Design Meets Your Business

Money Making Marketing By Design

Offers By Design

Launch By Design

Human Design For Aligned Business

Create a customized marketing plan that aligns to YOU and actually works! Uncover your unique superpowers in your Human Design, AND learn how to use it in key areas of your business and marketing. Create a HELL YES BUSINESS that brings you more freedom & joy!

Learn key areas of your Human Design. Your HD type, strategy, authority, energy centers, and profile lines. Discover more in depth who you truly are at your core, and how YOU are designed to approach your business & marketing. Blend your Human Design with key areas of your business! Your branding, money making plan, offer creation, sales funnels, launching, and growth systems for success!

Option 2: HD Your Offer Mini Reading

a custom Human Design Reading to create Your Next HELL YES Offer!

HD Your Offer Mini Reading


Custom Reading To Help Create Your Offer

The Energetics Of You

Your Badass Inner Authority

Custom reading on how to leverage YOUR design in creating your offer

Tips to create more alignment in your business

Create Your Hell Yes Design:

It's one thing to learn more about your Human Design. It's a whole other level to LIVE by your design! This mini reading is a simple way to get started with both! Learn key pieces of your Human Design chart, so you can better understand how YOU are designed to approach your business & life.

AND learn how you can leverage your Human Design in your business with your offer you can create offers that are a HELL YES for you AND your people. Stop mirroring what everyone else doing, and step outside the box to call in your soul mate customers/clients!

How this works:

Go to the link above to book your reading. Fill out the quick form and include any questions you have related to your offer creation (or business). Once you book your date you will get a welcome email in your inbox! Your mini reading and bonus recordings will be delivered to you on the date you booked! I strive to answer your specific questions in this reading and give you guidance on creating your next offer!

I call it my F' YES Offer Formula,

a HELL YES BUSINESS starts with YOU & How You're Designed To Serve Others

Option 3: HD Reading Intensive

a deep dive into your Human Design PLUS Private Access & Support.

Human Design Reading Intensive


In Depth HD Reading + Private Access

Deep Dive Reading Of Your Human Design

Customized HD Reading - Pre-recorded Videos

Delivered on Custom Trello Board

1 Week Private Slack Access for Support & Questions

Human Design Reading Intensive Experience

Want a deeper dive into your Human Design chart! This custom in depth reading covers your Human Design Type, strategy, authority, tips for creating more alignment! I also cover reading up to 3 of your defined energy centers, your purpose driven profile, and any channels or gates that jump out in my reading.

Your reading will be delivered to your inbox on the date you booked on a custom Trello board. Answers to your questions are included in your reading. PLUS, you have 1 week of private access to me via Slack for support or any questions you have!

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Aryeh Sheinbein

6 Figure Future Fund Launch Debrief

Renee Rhibar

Funnel Upper Relaunch of Sales Program

You Can Also Have These Amazing Results

“It was so fun to see so much alignment in my chart! She also brought so much of it to my business.

I just had the most amazing Human Design reading with Jen! It was so fun to see how much alignment in my chart, but also see how some conditionings are not serving me well! She also brought so much of it to my business which made it even better! Go schedule your meeting with her so she can blow your mind! - Rebeca Lima

Rebecca Lima

Six Figure Society® Founder

“I learned I See Things Others Can't See this is my superpower

I had an amazing Human Design Reading session with Jen Dys. I learned about myself that I am not for everyone, and I see things others don't see. I see things outside of the box and I am super unconventional. I guess this is my superpower! " - Cheryl Lynn Mitchell

Cheryl Mitchell

Founder of Unique Makers


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